When you are struggling with a complex case of autism, you will very likely find the simillimum after viewing this course.
An invaluable contribution to have our autism cases steadily move forward. Thank you Luc!Frederik Schroyens, Belgium
Dr. De Schepper has always been a guiding light when it comes to understanding the essence of homeopathy. This course is a definite recommendation for those interested in understanding autism which has almost become an epidemic in this day and age.  Very few homoeopaths seem to get the key to treating disorders like this – where characteristics become difficult to get due to impaired speech and abundance of common symptoms, but Dr. Schepper manages to work around it and get us to understand how to navigate these cases with ease.  For any homoeopath working with children – this course is a must see.Rukshin F. Master
Dr Luc has been my inspiration since I got my hands on his Hahnemann Revisited. My colleagues and I were so privileged to attend a number of Dr Luc’s seminars in Finland and in Northern Europe. He has the wealth of profound information dating back from Hahnemann’s writings beautifully introduced to the 21st century homeopaths. In his perseverance emphasizing the true methods of classical homeopathy I can see in him a glimpse of what I imagine of our dearest Samuel Hahnemann in his time.Jaana Kolehmainen, Finland