You will need to create a (free) Vimeo account with a password.

Once you have set up your (free) Vimeo account, you  can purchase your chosen course or lecture.

From then on, when you log into Vimeo, you will have immediate access to your videos.

The lectures can be viewed from any browser, so they can be viewed on your computer, laptop, smartphone & tablet – as often as you like during the allocated viewing period.


Detailed Description – Setting up a Vimeo Account

Go to the Vimeo website


Tap  Join in the upper left corner





In the Join Vimeo window fill in a name, an email address you are using and a password – and select to join with email.






The following window will open – ignore!





In the meantme you will have received a mail from Vimeo  – in that mail click Verify email address*



Now go to Luc’s courses and select Rent all – “all” in this case means the complete course (it isn’t possible to buy sections).





* (you can unsubscribe from their newsletters after that)