Frequently asked Questions & the Answers (if we have them)

I am a beginner – is this course suitable for me?
These lectures are aimed at advanced students of homeopathy as well as medical and homeopathic professionals. You should already be familiar with the fundamental principles of homeopathy – but whatever your level of knowledge is, we will not prevent you from taking the course.

What if I have more questions, what if I don’t understand?
While you are following any particular course & you have any questions regarding any of the topics of that course  – feel free to ask. The course moderator is here to answer any queries re. the course topics while you are taking the course.

Does this course show how to heal something?
The information presented in these lectures is for informational purposes only and does not promise to cure, treat, prevent or diagnose disease or illness. In short – no.

Do you issue a certificate of attendance?
No problem. We issue a certificate stating the (CPD) hours you have spent, e.g.  taking in the lectures incl. sending the answers to the quiz questions & assignments to the course moderator.
You cannot simply buy the course and get a certificate for the purchase (that would be called the receipt).

How do I obtain the course material?
To receive the additional course material please send an email to the course moderator soon after you have purchased the course or individual video lecture.

I wrote to the moderator, and she still hasn’t replied!
We will reply to all emails within 24 hours (weekends/holidays 48 hours).

Is this course interactive?
Some of the lectures of Dr. Luc De Schepper offer additional course material and optional interaction with the course moderator – so, yes!

Is there a recorded version (on DVD) of this course?
There are no plans for recorded versions of these courses – we offer the lectures online and you may also contact the course moderator with any questions you may have.

Will there be more courses in the future?
There are no plans for further courses at present, but you never know. Sign up to the newsletter to find out the latest 🙂

I am interested in taking this course. Where and when do I register?
Good news – the course is already online Vimeo – Luc De Schepper

The quizzes – so many questions!
It looks like a lot of questions, but don’t be put off – they take up more space than time.

What if I don’t have enough time to view the lectures?
Don’t worry about making time for the e-learning course – the video lectures are divided into sections of around 20 minutes each and can be viewed from any browser – you can view the lectures at any time, wherever you happen to be.

What do I need to view the lectures?
The lectures can be viewed from any browser, so they can also be viewed on your computer, laptop, smartphone & tablet – as often as you like during the allocated viewing period.

I am kind of stuck with passwords and things. Can you help?
For help & technical queries contact the course moderator.

Can I show this course to my friends?
No, unless you have the written permission of the course organization.

Is XXX the patient’s real name? I think I know him/her.
We ask you to respect the patients’ privacy. The names and other identifying characteristics of the patients featuring in these lectures have been changed as much as was possible, and by purchasing any of these lectures/courses you agree not to copy or share any patient information in any form or way.

How much is the course?
When you are on the Vimeo site, the price for your country (€, $ etc. ) will be displayed in the top right corner of the video. The course fee depends on the currency that is used in your country.

Where are the courses located?
The new e-learning courses can be found at on Vimeo.