Certificate of attendance
After completion of the course participants can receive a certificate of attendance, stating the number of CPD (continuing professional development) hours they have spent. The total number of hours will depend on what you have done, as the quiz questions and final assignments are optional.

Continued Professional Development hours (CPD) (post graduate training hours)
Accreditation has been granted by Achena for the posology course to count as CPD hours. The other courses are in the process of being accredited. The guideline how these courses are accepted varies per country/organization. It is best that you check with your local organization what the specific requirements are of your country. You may also contact the course moderator for advice.

The Netherlands (NVKH)
The NVKH in the Netherlands requires you to send in a copy of the handwritten notes you took while viewing the lectures. Please send these to the course moderator.

North America (ACHENA)
The posology course has been accredited and the other courses/lectures are being processed at time of writing.

Register to interact with the course moderator
To receive the course material together with the quiz questions & assignments, make sure that after you have purchased the course, you send the moderator Julia a short message with your details:
– First and last name
– After completion of the course the certificate will be sent in digital format.
Contact the course moderator by sending an email to Julia at lucdeschepperlive dot com or use the contact form.